Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Up Wednesday - Giveaways and Giving Away

Today I am focusing on the plethora of giveaways that rule the blogosphere and beyond! :)

First, from the blogs I follow - you could win worsted wool (for all my other fiber freaks out there! woot!), an adult content book called Coyote Night, a PREORDER (yay for being able to get a book before it's released!!) of The Iron Knight, two FREE nights at a bed and breakfast inn in South Carolina, and an eBook of Credo's Hope. Yes, I realize these are mostly book giveaways, but since I'm a book nerd you'll have to deal with that. ;)

Speaking of book giveaways, I frequently visit the Giveaways page on Goodreads, and have won 5 free books so far! I highly recommend it if you are a bibliophile like myself.

I also found a couple of interesting sites that have a ton of giveaways - FreeBlogGiveaways and Etsy Giveaways. I personally sold on Etsy for years, and still occasionally post stuff for sale there (though I've been a little too busy since I decided to go back to school for my Master's degree), and love all that Etsy has to offer.

But life isn't always just about winning giveaways - sometimes it's about giving things away, too! For example, Feed Your Reading Habit is doing a month of giveaways, and yesterday's giveaway was donating old glasses. I personally like to donate items to my local animal shelter, and love the idea of , though I'm usually too cash poor to donate monetarily. I currently have a stack of books staring at me which I am considering donating to my local library (which is pathetically small and doesn't offer enough in my opinion, but I don't want to pay to use the larger Omaha library system) or selling to a bookstore.

Are you doing a giveaway? Post the details below! :)

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