Review Policy


1) YOUR BOOK MUST ALREADY BE PUBLISHED. I am not offering my services as a free editor for unpublished works. Period. As a book blogger, I do not get paid to review books, so my time is valuable. SEND ME A LINK TO WHERE YOUR NOVEL IS ALREADY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Then I will likely agree to provide your review. 

2) YOUR BOOK MUST BE IN HARD COPY FORMAT. I used to take Nook formatted e-books, but got overwhelmed with requests for books that were not edited. I also got picked up by several large traditional publishing firms to review their books, which are always in hard copy format, which means that they take up space and are my top priority and consequently I end up neglecting eBooks. This is a NEW POLICY so that I can be fair to my authors and the publishers that rely on my reviews while still holding down my day job and running my own travel business. 

3) YOUR BOOK MUST BE FICTION. I don't do nonfiction very often, so I don't want to fill up my inbox with requests for it. I prefer fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, vampire/mythical creature stuff; but, I'm willing to consider all genres with one exception: NO HARDCORE EROTICA. If there's a tiny love scene or two, that's fine - or anything up to what you might find in a "Sookie Stackhouse" book. Just nothing more than that. 

4) PLEASE NOTE THAT MY REVIEWS ARE HONEST. If I don't like your book, I'll say that. If I think your grammar is crap, I'll say that. I don't promise to write glowing reviews because I prefer being honest. That's what appeals to my audience, and it keeps me authentic. 

5) IT MIGHT TAKE A WHILE. Let's be honest here - I run someone else's business during the day, then run my own travel agency ( at night and on the weekends. I enjoy reading and spend as much time as I can doing it, but reading doesn't pay the bills or help me get my everyday housework done. ;) 

6) I HOLD THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO REVIEW ANY BOOK. I might not be interested in your book, so rather than spending my time on it I'll let you know up front and save you from a potentially unflattering review. Or, I might not have time for your book. Either way, I'm the boss on this blog. 

7) I DON'T GET PAID TO REVIEW BOOKS! Honestly, it'd be great if I did, but that's not the way it works (at least right now). I do receive free copies of books, but that is as far as my compensation goes. 

If this still applies to you, let me know! You can contact me on my contact page. If you're a reviewer yourself ... this blogger is also an author of: Twin Rivers and The Anti-Arthritis Diet. If you wanna review one, let me know!