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Sorta Recommended Read - A Danger to God Himself by John Draper

A Danger to God HimselfA Danger to God Himself by John Draper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yes, this book has a lot of Mormonism in it, and yes - at times that made it a little difficult and/or confusing, as I am not very familiar with the Mormon faith. However, if you can look past the Mormon references what you'll find at the core of this book is a story about mental health disorders and the vast discrepancies there are in treatments and beliefs. Some people believe faith is all you need, others tout medicines, still others just try to avoid the subject all together. This shows the various treatments and leads the reader to think more about what mental health disorders encompass and how "faith" or "religion" can sometimes be used to avoid the life-saving treatments that some people desperately need.
There were a lot of parts I liked in this book, along with a lot of parts that were just not my style. It left me feeling decidedly neutral - I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. You'll have to read it to figure out where you fall on the spectrum.

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Recommended Read - Season of Salt and Honey by Hannah Tunnicliffe

Season of Salt and HoneySeason of Salt and Honey by Hannah Tunnicliffe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is like a big family dinner - full of warmth, too much food, and the occasional crazy relative! The main character finds herself in a termless state - you can't be a widow without being married, so what are you when you lose your fiance? - and flees to the one place she thinks she could find peace. Instead of peace she finds herself dealing with her estranged sister, her dead fiance's brother, and some truths that are hard to handle.
Intermixed with the narrative you'll find delightful Italian family recipes, a reminder that food and family are often a part of our own stories.

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