Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 Marketing Strategies for Your eBook

One of the hardest things about self-publishing my eBooks hasn't been the self-publishing - it's been the marketing!! Yes, I'm working on a Master's degree in Management, which covers some marketing, but I still don't have all the answers when it comes to increasing downloads of my eBooks.

So today I decided to do a little research, and came up with the 7 best marketing strategies for eBooks:

1) Set up a blog, website, or landing page. You need to create a web presence so that your potential audience knows you aren't just some crazy out there writing garbage to try to make money, but an actual artist who cares about what you are writing.

2) Get reviews. That means you'll need to contact other bloggers and give them your eBook for free, but it also means you can reach a much larger audience.

3) Give away something for free. There's a great post out there right now that gives 12 different ideas for freebies, so I won't bother posting all of them here, but you should really check it out.

4) Use social media. There's a lot of options out there, pick one or two you are comfortable with and use it to plug your book and also to create conversations with your followers (so that they don't feel like they are spammed).

5) Use word of mouth. Tell your family and friends via email or in person, and have them talk to their family and friends, etc. in the hopes that this will reach many people without spending advertising dollars.

6) Write articles or guest posts. This makes you an expert, and someone much more credible to buy a book from. It also gets your name out there, and exposes you to a larger audience.

7) Become an affiliate marketer. If you use Smashwords, this will happen automatically as long as your book is being sold and not given away for free. Otherwise, try other sites like Clickbank.

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    Thank you for referring to my article on the 12 ways to market books by giving away free stuff.

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