Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blog-a-licious Blog Tour #7: Fame or Fortune?

Today I am participating in my first blog tour! The topic for today is: Fame or Fortune - which would you pick? Here's how it works - there are twelve of us blogging on this topic today. To get all points of view, see if you can visit all (or most) of the blogs! :)

Before I get started on my answer, I'll direct you to the blog before mine - Book Fare - and the blog after mine - Invincible Woman. That will give you two whole other points of view other than my own, if nothing else! If you want the whole list, go here.

Now on to my answer... To me, Fame is a double-edged sword. You are now suddenly recognized, which can lead to Fortune without you really trying, but it could also be your downfall as you are watched for your every move. I mean, look at people like Tiger Woods - coulda been awesome, now he's just kinda pathetic. Some famous people do use their celebrity to help others, but I think most lash out and turn into crazies like Mr. Winning Charlie Sheen himself.

Fortune, on the other hand, can also have some downfalls. Some people, when suddenly gifted with millions, find themselves turning into hoarding tightwads. Or they can find themselves in the Fame limelight, with plenty of unknown "relatives" coming out of the woodwork. Plus, sometimes they just plain make bad decisions and blow it all right away.

That being said, as much as I'd like to be a well-known author, I think I'd rather have Fortune. My husband and I jokingly have a "plan," though we don't actually ever buy more than one lottery ticket per year. Our plan is as follows: 1) Pay off our house, 2) Pay off my car, 3) Buy two new cars, 4) Pay off my brother's house, 5) Pay off my sister's house, 6) Pay off our parents' houses, 7) buy a new house that is one level with a small basement and laundry on the main floor, 8) give our house to his brother, 9) give our previous cars to our friends Angey and Phil, 10) max out one year of retirement account contributions, 11) put half of what is left into savings, and 12) donate the remaining half to various charities we love.

Not a bad plan, right? :) It's mostly just focused on paying off our major debts and our family's major debts so that we can all live a little easier in this horrible economy. The only major splurges would be getting us a house that I can do laundry in again (I can't make it up and down stairs very easily, so I currently don't get to do the laundry because it is downstairs) and getting cars, and in both cases we would be giving away our current home/cars, so it makes me feel a little better about it. :)

What would YOU choose, and why?


  1. Visiting from the hop and also my first time at your blog, following you now.

    Definitely not a bad plan... I am already fame and have plenty of fortune, but you'll have to stop by and see for yourself :)

    Enjoyed your post will post back from time to time to see what you've been up too!

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  2. You've made my day with this one :)
    So the guy (#2) drives around with $545k in his car? Gets it stolen (OC) and then proceeds to throw another $200k in the backseat to get stolen as well?
    My husband and I have this theory, that the universe will never let someone win who has the mental capacity to be successful on his/her own. I feel this man is a prime example!

  3. Hi
    I think Shelley's right. These stories are heart-wrenching. They wrench my heart when I think of what sensible people could have done with this money!
    Great post :)

  4. Your 1 through 12 plan is charming, giving and wonderful. You are your husband seem to be on the same track.

    Woods and Sheen are not even in your league. :) Great post. Wonderful ideas and thoughts.

  5. Cool Blog.

    I would like to be fortunate...not necessarily with and health would be a great fortunate to have and to keep.


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