Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost a Crazy Cat Lady

As I mentioned in my first post today, the weather was gorgeous, so I decided I'd take the dog for a walk. We usually just let him run and play in the yard, because he's not a fan of the leash, but I thought he'd enjoy something different.

We had only made it part of the way up our street with this gray blur comes right at us, and immediately starts rubbing all over me and my dog (thankfully, I already own cats, so my dog is used to it). He was purring and purring and kept rolling over asking for belly rubs - just a sweet thing! He had no collar or tags, and was very thin. However, he was front declawed, so I thought maybe he had gotten out at some point and gotten lost and he might have a family looking for him.

So, I walked back to the house with kitty in tow, and got him up on my porch. I got him settled with some food and water, then headed back outside to finish my walk with the dog, who was waiting patiently in the car since it was easier than juggling a cat and a dog through our porch door.

We hit the top of our hill, only to be assaulted by another kitty! This one was black and white, and she wasn't as sure about the dog but sure wanted a piece of my attention. She rubbed and meowed... so I carefully picked her up and carried her back down the hill and over to our house. I put her in the car, not sure if the cat on the porch would get along with her, and the dog decided to hop in there since by now he was thoroughly confused as to whether this was a walk or a car ride.

I went inside, grabbed a pet carrier, and came back out. The first kitty, a cute gray and white with big green eyes, absolutely refused the carrier and kept hissing at it. He apparently didn't like the smell of my cats on it. So, I left him up on the porch and went to kitty #2. I put the water and food back in the carrier and she walked right in. Once she was safely inside the carrier, I went back to the porch and picked up kitty #1 and brought him back to my car and sat him in.

Then I made the long drive out to the local Humane Society to turn them in, with kitty #1 howling and hissing the whole way at kitty #2, who just sat there happily eating the food. My poor dog Finley sat in front with me and looked like he wasn't too sure what to make of these two new cats.

After a long check-in, I finally got them safely in the Humane Society, where I hope their owners will claim them if they were owned (though I'm almost positive kitty #2 was a stray, as she was fully clawed and looked pregnant).

What a crazy morning! I didn't want to take the chance of finishing our walk and having more kitties find me, so I took the dog to the dog park instead. I'm pretty sure I'll never walk the dog again - at least not in our neighborhood! ;) I just don't have room for any more kitties right now - though someday, with my luck, I'll probably end up a crazy cat lady by default. ;)

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