Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Guest Post - Martin King, Author of Jack Hunter: Secret of the King

Today I have a special treat for my readers - a guest post from the author Martin King! His book has been my Recommended eBook of the Week, and I have reviewed it here as well. He is currently doing a blog tour recounting childhood memories. Enjoy!!


So this is the deal yeah. I am about seven years old and going to a new school for the first time. At the break or play-time, whichever you used to call it, the boys went into one playground and the girls into another. Just as a side point, although it was years before my time, the school had an air raid bunker in the playground (although it had a locked door so we never went in there).

So anyway back to the story. In the playground was a really filthy toilet. If it was in this modern era, it would be condemned. Well on my first day or so, I went to the toilet and saw this boy. I was in shock. I ran back into the playground to double check and there he was again. How could this be?

Again I went back into the toilet to find he was still in there. It was almost like an episode of Dr. Who or Star Trek where he kept getting beamed from one spot to the other. So I went up to this kid in the toilets mumbling my disbelief at what was happening.

He must have thought I was some lunatic. But after he didn’t respond to my garbled conversation, I dragged him into the yard to prove my theory. And low and behold I was right – there were two of him. They must have thought I was some weird nutter when in fact I had never seen twins before.

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