Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recommended Read - A Good American by Alex George

A Good AmericanA Good American by Alex George

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This novel is a sweeping generational tale that embodies the ideals that created America and the American Dream! It begins with a love story, as most great life adventures do, and evolves into a series of love stories - with family, with strangers, with friends, with America. There are so many great moments in this book, captured brilliantly enough to be visible to the reader and something to be held dear like their own personal memories.

Especially relatable for someone like me (a great-grandchild of German immigrants who settled in Schleswig, IA), this story will appeal to those whose families have been here for ages and those whose stories are just beginning in America. Throughout it all the reader will experience hope, pain, love, faith, and the twists of destiny that intertwine all Americans.

Perhaps the only downfall was that the book didn't stop when it should have, but continued to meander for the last few pages. While it is nice to tie up all loose ends, I think this book would have had a more dramatic impact by stopping on p. 368 with the first six sentences. However, I was reading an ARC, so perhaps this has already been done by the time you are reading it. In that case, please disregard this note, as I'd hate to tarnish such a great book!

Regardless, I couldn't put this novel down and the stories will stick with me and I continue upon my family's American journey.

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