Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Booksy - Proud to be an American

After finishing my latest read (which blew my mind, by the way!), I was inspired to do a patriotic Booksy, that showcased great gifts for the Proud to be an American book lovers in your life!

For any recent immigrants, I think this comic looks promising!

Speaking of comics, nothing quite says American like Captain America - and who wouldn't want this fun lunchbag?

When eating your lunch, it's fun to feed the birds - and this book-inspired bird house will keep them coming!

Birds remind me of trees, and this upcycled Nook Cover makes it look like you are actually reading a book about trees (even if you might instead be digesting the latest Sookie Stackhouse book).

Then, you could put your disguised Nook into this patriotic purse!

Another item you can put things in is a book safe, and this one shows off your sense of humor (but perhaps that could be a bad thing, inviting your guests to pull it down off the shelf).

Up on your bookshelf you might also want to display this military bookend set - and you even get a free book with it, too!

Nothing shows off military pride, and pride in America, quite like the grande olde flag - but rather than hang that in your home, you could hang this pretty print instead.

Next to it, you could hang this American shadow box, filled with a photo of your child (or in my case, your pets).

Finally, you could always read about the daring escapades of Drei Bruder, who actually traveled 9,000 miles across the U.S.

God Bless America!

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