Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Accessorizing for Prom

Prom season is just around the corner now for high schoolers all across the country, and now that I've admitted to being into "girly" clothing, I thought I'd "come out" all the way and show you some great ideas for accessorizing!

I'm going to stick to two vendors - JC Penny's, because frankly they are the ONLY place I shop for clothes, unless I have no other choice (especially now that they have Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson), and Twin Elegance, who I was recently introduced to through Fiverr. However, these are ideas that could work with any sort of pairings!

Prom today is a bit different than back when I attended it - when I was in high school, prom required longer formal dresses and the shorter dresses were saved for homecoming. However, both styles are now commonly worn for prom, and that's something to celebrate for ladies who have great legs! You are also not limited to single colors, but can wear prints and patterns in style. Trends so far this year are showing strapless, one-shoulder, glitter, and ruffles along with more traditional picks.

All images of the dresses are copyright of JC Penny's and should not be used without permission, so you will need to click the links in order to see each complete pairing. And since my computer is being wonky, you'll also need to click the links to see the accessories - which is well worth it, by the way!! I think I might buy a few for myself for non-prom reasons... but I digress...

First, let's start with your basic black. If you want a dress you can wear for more than just prom, I really like this short glittery black number from Speechless ($20) and this long, side-slit gown ($80). If you want to have a prom dress that's just for prom, this sexy slinky x-back cutout dress ($60) should leave your date breathless. The great thing about a black dress is you can pair any bold, bright accessory you want! My favorite color to add to black is red, so I think this chunky red bracelet ($23) and this incredibly cute patent leather clutch ($27) would really add to your black gown.

Another classy standout that could be worn for more than just prom is this beautiful metallic cascade front dress ($27). Pair it with a big fashion ring ($9) and a pretty silver statement necklace ($35) and you're good to go!

If you aren't going to go with black but still want a more muted color, this silver taffeta floor-length dress ($120) and this soft yellow sweetheart dress ($60) might do the trick. Also pretty is this rosette pleated dress in blush ($80). Depending on your choice of muted color, you can also match it with some muted earrings ($9) and an understated but lovely evening bag ($23).

Like bold, solid colors? I do too! They are probably some of my favorite colors of dresses, since you can accessorize with them in soooo many ways. I particularly like this Grecian-style purple gown by Ruby Rox ($60) and this incredible orange pleated halter top dress ($60). This siren-red halter dress ($60) and gorgeous sapphire rhinestone gown ($80) also make bold statements. With such bold colors, you want to stick with simple, beautiful sparkling rhinestone accents. I love this gorgeous hair clip ($6) paired with this simple silver bag ($20).

Looking for a fun, flirty print for your big night? In the long category, I like this printed wrap ball gown in a bright pink and black ($120) and this tropical-colored strapless satin dress ($80). For a shorter style, try this bold floral one-shoulder dress from Speechless ($30). Bold prints deserve statement jewelry, something in gold or silver. I love these chain link earrings ($12) and this gold fringed necklace ($23), and both are also available in silver if you're wearing a cold color rather than a warm color.

If you are more of a Cinderella, big gown type, nothing beats this fantastic blue strapless gown by City Triangles ($120). A similarly-styled gown in a darker blue that would also be great would be this lovely beaded lace-up gown ($120). Since both have a glitter detail on top and a large, ruffled skirt, I recommend pairing them with an elegant tiara like this rhinestone tiara ($5) and not much else.

Under the lights on a dance floor, nothing stands out more than glitter and sequins. This short, Allen B. one-shoulder dress ($30) is sure to be noticed, as is this long cherry-red sequined number ($80). I also love this salmon-colored metallic batwing dress by Lilyanna ($70) and this shimmery purple gown ($80). You are already glittery, so you don't want to take away from that. Instead, choose a faux fur cape ($22) or a satin pleated shawl ($22) to keep you warm while making a statement.

You really can't go wrong with soft, flowy chiffon. This two-tone halter gown ($60) will help you glide across the floor as if you were floating, and this sweet little tulle party dress ($40) gives you an angelic glow. However, this chiffon beaded gown in a bright, bold print ($80) wins my vote for being the most "fairy-like" for your fairytale night! With such a light fabric, I recommend keeping your accessories light, too - I would go with this subtle gold tone pearl angel wing necklace set ($20) or these light synthetic pearl earrings ($9). 

My winning dress pick for this year actually combines most of the elements above! It's bright, glittery, and has a fluffy tulle skirt - it's this cute tube dress ($70). Since you'll have so much arm (and leg) showing with this dress, I love pairing it with this chunky purple cuff bracelet ($23.40) and this purple patent leather clutch ($20.00).

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