Thursday, February 2, 2012

Booksy - Oh To Win a Prize!

Is there anything better than winning? Not really. Here's some great bookish prizes for the winner in your life:
- You really can't talk about winning anymore without some crazy Charlie Sheen action! Check out this hilarious notepad by gilcaps and this altered book purse by vampqueen.

- A trophy makes a great prize. I especially enjoy this comfy-looking pillow from designercushions and this really cool folded book sculpture from recycledreads.

- There are several books out there that have the word "Prize" in the title - how about using one of them to create a book safe like this one from exceptional gifts? ImpressionsPast has a book all ready for you to convert (after you read it, of course)!

- As I've mentioned before, most readers also like to write (or tend to jot notes to themselves, anyway). This vintage comic book ad journal by macedoine is super cute! Or you could choose this upcycled Prize Fighter notebook from autumnwindsjewelry.

- Finally, if you're looking to give gifts that can then be given away, I recommend these matchbook notebooks by pattichic; these bookworm kiss favors by screamer2000; or these book lover magnets by ilovetrinkets.

Speaking of winning, don't forget to stop by my Sweet Deal Giveaway and enter to win a Valetine's prize package! :)


  1. Love Books..
    Thank you for adding my purse to your blog.
    Happy Reading.


  2. Thank you so much for adding my matchbook notebooks to your wonderful article. I'm honored :)

  3. I love this collection! Thanks for including my folded tropy book art.

    It was actually designed for the NCIBA to award to indie bookstores in CA for community service!

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