Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do you think eBooks level the playing field?

I ran across this great article today by NPR, and knew it was likely to cause a stir in the book community. Some people and authors love eBooks; some people and authors hate eBooks; but regardless, everyone seems to have an opinion on eBooks!!

NPR's article basically is pro-eBook, explaining that it "democratizes" the authorship process. You can read the article here. I have to agree - personally, I don't think I could have ever published my books "traditionally" and as a reader have also been able to discover wonderful authors who may have also had a difficult time publishing that way.

What is YOUR opinion about eBooks?


  1. As an e-book reader and writer, I'm all for the coming wave. As long as books are written, the majority of them will always suck. But now, the crap filter is becoming situated where it ought to be: in the hands of the discerning reader.

    1. AGREED!! Especially the part about the crap filter - now I decide what is "worthwhile" and what isn't.