Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shades of Summer Giveaway

It's officially summer - at least here in the US - so my giveaway this month will help you celebrate in style! The winner will receive an authentic pair of Ed Hardy frames with it's matching sunglasses case - a value of over $150!! The frames are classic black, with black lenses, and have bulldogs on the sides. There is a tiny imperfection at the top of the right lens frame where the black has rubbed off, but otherwise these are in pristine condition and never worn! The case is handstiched leather with roses on the top and right, and a skull on the left. There is also an Ed Hardy cleaning cloth and small Ed Hardy booklet. How do you win these sweet frames? Just enter below - the contest runs from June 3rd to June 30th! If you'll notice, anything related to my travel agency Operation Relax is worth more entries... just sayin'... ;) Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hmmm.....since, I am not big on vacations. *gasp* I know. I would say to the lake somewhere in the mountains. Somewhere peaceful!

  2. lol well not everyone is big on vacations, but I bet I could still find you something amazing, like a private cabin in the woods! ;)

  3. These are awesome, Jess!! I can see myself in these on that cruise you're thinking of!! So bold and beautiful!
    These wouldn't look bad this summer at the Miami Book Fair, either...hmmmm Thanks for offering them.


  4. Love the shades! I am happy you stopped by my blog! Now I can enter this great giveaway! I would totally rock those shades on the beach at St. Crox. But a lake in our area would work too LOL

    Thanks again


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