Saturday, June 9, 2012

Domino's Gluten Free Pizza Review

Like I mentioned in my last post, I recently decided to give Domino's Gluten Free Pizza a try. It had gotten some bad flak due to its disclaimer, but a Celiac blog that I trust had it sent to the lab and tested and the results weren't terrible (for more on that, click here).

Anyway, I wasn't actually put off by the disclaimer, because I didn't think it was anything worse than I've seen most other places when it comes to gluten free food. Let's face it - when you are highly gluten sensitive, eating out just about anywhere can be quite the risk! Hubs and I generally have a two-strike policy when it comes to eating out gluten free - the first strike is a warning, but could have been a mistake. However, if we go somewhere again and once again I get a bad gluten flare up, we don't generally go back anymore because that shows overall negligence and not just one mistake.

There are a couple of exceptions, and sometimes we decide if it's been a while to give it one more go. But for the most part, that's what we stick to.

My first concern was price - were they going to be charging me all sorts of extra just because it's gluten free? The answer: yes and no. Yes, the price is higher than their non-gluten free pizzas, but it didn't feel like they were over the top with their pricing. It was comparable with just about everywhere else that I've tried gluten free pizza, and actually a little cheaper than my favorite local pizza shop.

Next was toppings - can I still get a pizza with everything on it, or do they limit me to only a few topping choices? I was happy to see that they allowed me my choice of toppings, and I could get specialty varieties or make my own.

Third was taste. As anyone who has to eat gluten free knows, there is a HUGE amount of variability when it comes to taste - some things are awesome, while others make you feel like you biffed it face first in a sandbox! I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture - in fact, I think it moved up to a first place tie with my favorite local pizza shop!! It was very delicious, and we tried two of the sauces - their standard robust tomato sauce, and their marinara sauce.

Finally came the nail-biting - was I going to get sick? I'm very relieved to say that I didn't have any flare up issues at all! I'm pretty sensitive, too, so that's saying something.

Overall, I will definitely order their gluten free pizza again - and even though I normally would support a local small business over a chain, the fact that 1) Domino's is more affordable and 2) it's a whole lot closer to my house than the local shop, means that I will now probably use Domino's as my primary pizza shop when I get the craving for a good slice of pizza!!


  1. My friend is celiac and she usually has a difficult time finding places to eat. Thanks for the post!

  2. I have ordered Dominos Gluten Free pizza 4 times now - delivery - and all 4 times the pizza has been wonderful. It does not have that usual GF grittiness or lack of flavor or poor texture. In fact, my 3 kids didn't even know it was GF! Most important, I did not have a Gluten reaction. This has become my favorite pizza. YES I will order again... and again. :)