Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Up Wednesday - A Lively Debate

Even though 90% of what I tend to follow in the blogosphere are book review blogs, today I decided to focus on things that weren't book reviews.

First of all, I loved that All-On Writing wrote an amazing little post about the "flavors" or "styles" of writing that can often be found in literature. I'm hoping that mine is considered "Designer Label!" Plus, I know that I've run into a whole lot of Walmart Cheap lately...

I thought that the recipe on My R and R Space sounded interesting - I won't lie when I say that my pallette tends to be limited to primarily "Midwest comfort food," but within the last few years (as I went gluten free) I've found myself more and more willing to try new things. NOTE: you need to scroll down a bit to find the recipe in the post.

Always Writing talked about identifying oneself as a writer. Personally, I usually get a response of, "Oh can you help me write my book?"

In the bookish world, there has been quite the debate over the last few years regarding eBooks vs. physical copies, aka "real" books. Readers Corner took the time to talk about her personal pros and cons regarding each medium. I have to say that my feelings run exactly as hers - I love the "real" thing, but the Nook has been a wonderful way to take piles of books with me when I travel!

Amanda Hocking revealed a new cover for her newest release, Lullaby. 

If your kids are already jumping off the walls this summer break, Saving Your Green shared a Jumpstreet deal on her blog.

Finally, I always love seeing the latest good that is being done via 366 Random Acts of Kindness. Today's post was about paying for a stranger's gas. With gas prices so high, that must have been a tremendous gift for someone! :)

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