Thursday, June 28, 2012

Booksy - Fireworks

As shown by my cowering dog, it's fireworks season! All around us for at least the last two weeks have been the patter of fireworks being shot off - and there's practically a fireworks stand on every corner!

Personally, I don't like fireworks unless they are set off in large, professional shows, but I'm not one to dissuade others away from having their own mini shows - as long as they stay away from my house, which is surrounding by many highly-flammable trees! ;)

To put you in the patriotic spirit, here's some fun Booksy fireworks items:
First, you can set out this beautiful patriotic picnic blanket to read your book upon while soaking in the rays up until the fireworks display.

To keep cool while looking cool, I love this fireworks Hoodie Halter. Or if you've been out in the pool and want something to slip over your swimsuit, this rockin' hand painted kimono would be great!

Keep your hair out of your eyes while you read with these adorkable fireworks hair clips (I know they're probably meant for kids, but I think they're cute enough for adults too!).

Finally, don't forget to bring along a cool drink in these pretty stemless wine glasses!

How will you be celebrating your 4th of July? Don't forget you could be sporting some amazing Ed Hardy Sunglasses if you win my Giveaway!!

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