Saturday, June 2, 2012

Booksy - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

Shades have been on my mind lately - lamp shades, sunglasses shades, 50 Shades of Grey.... ;) I haven't had a chance to read the book yet, although it honestly doesn't sound like my cup of tea. But I might still do it for posterity's sake, just like how I kept reading the entire Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series even though the first book wasn't really my style.

Anyway, this Booksy is a celebration of the various forms of shades - and a little teaser about the giveaway I will be posting shortly!

For shades as lamp shades, you really can't pass up the following great items:  Plywood Lamp Shade, Sock Monkey Shade, Coffee Filter Art Shade, New York Subway Map, and Vintage Music Sheets.

Need some privacy while reading? Check out these fabulous window shades: Relaxed Roman Style, Mock Roman Shade, and Cherry Blossom Handpainted Paper Shades.

What about shades of color? Here's some pretty shades: Cranberry Shades Books, Changing color shades dress, Shades of the Caribbean Eye Shadow, and Shades of Winter print.

Finally (HINT HINT) some glasses as shades: Cute spectacles ring, Harry Potter charms, Spectacles and Staches Coasters, Spectacles Silk Ties, Baby Sunglasses, Glow in the Dark Glasses and Read the Fine Print Nesting Bowls.

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