Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fiverr Sorta Recommended Read - Launch Out Into the Deep by Acacia L. Slaton

Launch Out Into The Deep!Launch Out Into The Deep! by Acacia L. Slaton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Launch Out Into the Deep is a religious novel that intends to inspire hope and answer difficult faith questions. It touches on the hypocrisy and pain spread by some who call themselves Christians, and overcoming those obstacles without hatred. The language used in the writing is very poetic, and there are poems included throughout. In fact, there are a TON of poems in this book, so you really have to enjoy reading poetry to get into the book (sadly, I'm of the personal opinion that poetry is great for writing but not for reading). It has group discussion questions for each chapter and would be a great church group reading. There was a part of the book that talked about the author's personal experiences with converting someone and with having a vision, and I think that while it worked for this book it is important to remember that not everyone has those nor are they needed in order to find faith. This book is a little too fundamentalist for my particular faith beliefs, but I think more conservative faith audiences will get a lot out of it. Any person of faith can benefit from exploring their faith and the faith of those around them and asking questions!

From a formatting standpoint, the original font of this eBook was way too tiny, so I ended up resizing it to Extra Extra Large just to be able to read it. Otherwise, I didn't find any glaring errors.

Overall, this is a solid read, but reads similar to a diary, which isn't really my style. However, if you like reading first-person experiences with faith, this book will be great for you!

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