Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Up Wednesday - Blogs of Note

So if you are a fellow blogger, you may have noticed that hidden in your dashboard, behind all the blogs you are currently following and their many updates, there is a tab labeled "Blogs of Note."

Today, I thought to myself - hmmm, what is a blog of note? Apparently, someone at blogger picks out random blogs they think are interesting. They don't really say anything else about the process, like how they choose or what it might take to become said blog of note.

I clicked the tab, and here are the blogs it led me to:
1) Rex Parker Does the NY Times Crossword Puzzle - This is actually an insanely funny and interesting read, it's someone who does the crossword puzzle then writes a post about the clues, etc. I dig it because it's writing and knowledge based.
2) Evie Jayne Elsaaesser - A personal blog about a little girl named Evie who has a rare bone disease. She is the second daughter, so I feel bad for the first daughter who probably feels a little neglected.
3) Eksi Besiktas - not in English, so I honestly have no idea what it is about.
4) Kat O' Nine Tales - a pretty hilarious blog from a personal standpoint, and a fellow author. She has been doing this "30 posts of shameless shit" that I think I might have to borrow.
5) Who Is Mr. Mister - I don't really get this, but I guess it's supposed to be a blog about a retail store. All it looks like to me is a bunch of old photos of guys.
6) The Nearsighted Owl - looking at all the cursive on this blog nearly made ME nearsighted... seems to be just a regular ol' bloggity blog where a gal shares about her life. Kind of refreshing, kind of boring, all at the same time.
7) - yep, couldn't even try to sit and type that out and figure out where the word breaks were. Definitely not English.
8) Mountain Wandering - Posts describe trails, with pictures and facts. This blog belongs to a guy who owns a hiking map and book store - makes sense!
9) What's Good at Trader Joe's - Fan-blogging at it's best! The blogger takes us on a review of various products at Trader Joe's and gives ratings. There's only one Trader Joe's in my area and it's a half hour away, so I don't shop there. But maybe if I did, this would be interesting.
10) Cliff Mass Weather Blog - Weather. All the time, every time! ;) It's got charts and graphs and all sorts of weather eye candy. But, I live in a state with a greater variety of weather than the Pacific Northwest, so not all that interesting to me.

So, after looking these over, I might be interested in two out of the ten blogs they thought were noteworthy. That's a little less than a quarter.... maybe they need to hire me to pick the blogs of note! ;)


  1. glad you found us rexites in crossword puzzle land
    I love trader joe's and we have none here in Wilmington NC

  2. Thanks for the mention! Read enough of our reviews of the "good stuff" and you'll be making that trek, guaranteed! Just don't go for the turkey meatloaf muffins *shudder*

  3. Russ - turkey meatloaf muffins? uck!! ;) lol. Actually, I have a gluten allergy, so I usually can't buy pre-made meatloaf anyway. But thanks for the heads up!!

    Chefbea - I think you've made me consider starting to work on crossword puzzles myself! ;)