Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Recommended eBook of the Week

Happy post-Labor Day to all my American Readers!! Are the rest of you feeling as worn out as I am? Long weekends always seem to do that to me... well, that coupled with the fact that school started up again last week and we have a guy over refinishing the floor in one of our bedrooms...

Anywho, I was too busy last week to update my recommended eBook, but I have a new one up today! In honor of me working on my Master's of Science in Management, I chose a book that focuses on business and creating a smart strategy. Here's the description:
" Sorting your Enemies from your Advocates, your Players from your Critics, is just one step in the Stakeholder Influence Process described in this book. Developed by the author while working with executives, leaders, and managers around the world, it will help you to achieve your goals faster and with greater buy-in. In just one hour you can be up and running with a new influencing strategy."

Sound good to you? Just click the link on the side of my blog, or click here, to get the book! Happy reading!!

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