Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally a new recommended ebook of the week!

I've been falling behind a bit in my duties here... but I know you forgive me for having a life! ;) Anyway, felt like putting up a spooky horror story this week. It says it's good for "ages 10 and up," and is marked as "children's fiction," but from reading the blurb I'm thinking it might be better suited for adults. It's called Kissed by a Clown.

Here's the blurb:
"A clown moves into town. And everything goes to Hell.

When he was four years old, an evil clown took Daniel Rodgers into the woods.
“Ever been kissed by a clown, Danny?” he whispered. “It’s to die for.”
As it turned out, the clown was the one who died. Or so Daniel thought.
But now, years later, the clown is back. And he’s got more on his mind this time than just a peck on the cheek.
There’s a dark plague spreading through the town of Baker City—one kiss at a time. The infected appear normal enough. But behind their twisted ear-to-ear grins, something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Soon there’ll be no one left.
No matter how much Daniel tells himself that it’s impossible, the clown has come back.
And he’s brought Hell with him.

“Kissed by a Clown” is the first book of WELCOME TO HELL, the new series from master of terror O. Penn-Coughin (“open coffin”).

WARNING: this book is not for wimps, the squeamish, or those prone to nightmares. “Kissed by a Clown” will seriously challenge even the most brave-hearted bejeezus not to run away screaming.

For ages 10 and up. (The American Association of Clowns has certified that no actual clowns were harmed in the writing of this book.)"

If you want to buy it and decide for yourself, just click here or click the link on the left side of this blog. Enjoy!

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