Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's Up Wednesday - Ten Year Reunion

This Friday and Saturday marks my ten year high school reunion - yipes! It doesn't really feel like that much time has passed, but I suppose my expanded waistline and gray hairs say otherwise. I'm really disappointed with our planning committee - our reunion is going to be fairly lame, and I'm only going to part of it as a result. Friday activities aren't too bad - a tour of the school (they did a bunch of major work since I was attending it) and the homecoming football game (I hate football - a cardinal sin in Nebraska - but I was part of the marching band so I'd probably go until half time just to see the band do a routine). These activities are free or cheap, so no worries there.
But then Saturday... ugh, Saturday... the former class officers chose to host our reunion at a smaller, dirty bar in Omaha - at a price of $25 each, which only covers a drink per person and some appetizers! :( First of all, the bar scene isn't for me - too smoky, too dirty, too smelly. Secondly, I can't really drink because of the medications I take and my gluten allergy. Thirdly, I can't eat any of the appetizers because of my gluten allergy. So basically, my hubs and I would be spending $50 for food I can't eat, drinks I can't drink, and a crappy atmosphere. Not gonna happen!!
I was hoping we'd have more of a fun reunion, like the one in the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. Something that would be in the high school courtyard, with some catered food and just some fun mingling. Maybe even including some fun memory games, and honoring classmates who have passed in the last ten years (surprisingly, it's quite a few - we must be an unlucky class). Not a night at the bar. I was so over bars 7 years ago. I'm not 21 anymore, so who cares about a bar?
Sorry about the rant, but I guess in my mind I was looking forward to meeting up with old friends who I'd lost touch with at the reunion, but instead I'll be lucky to catch up with the few who decide to do only the Friday festivities since I won't be attending on Saturday. :( Oh well, I still have Facebook I suppose... ;) I also tried messaging a few friends who I know don't want to do Saturday night to see if we could pull together something a little more fun and relaxed on Saturday afternoon.

Anyway, in honor of my ten year, I found a great list of class reunion books on Goodreads. Click here to check it out!

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