Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upcoming Awesomeness - Vote to send me to NY!!

I was referred by a wonderful reader to this AMAZING contest on Goodreads - it's the Independent Book Blogger Awards!! Basically, it's a contest where YOU, the readers, get to pick your favorite book bloggers and vote for them on the Goodreads website, and the overall winner will win a trip to Book Expo America in New York!!

There are two HUGE reasons why you should do this for me:
1) My overall goal in life is to some day make a living writing - via being an author, via being a blogger, via freelance writing, etc. That is one of the purposes of this blog, and honestly it would be a dream come true if I got to go to one of the biggest book expos in the U.S. and be able to hobnob with the best authors and publishers around!!
2) Recently, my favorite movie from when I was a kid (and still one of my favorite movies of all time) got made into a musical, but only for a limited time on Broadway in New York! Newsies was such an obsession when I was younger that myself and my friends all had "Newsies names" - I was Lingo Starr (a nod to the fact that I loved to write AND was a drummer), my sister was Rails (she was skinny and had braces), my friend Sarah was Indie Cowgirl (she is still obsessed with Christian Bale), Erin was Cheezit (both due to her love of the snack and for the phrase "Cheese it, it's the bulls!"), and Michele was Red (she has lovely red hair). Anyway, long story short, if I won this contest my trip would not only allow me to go to the best book expo ever, but I'd also be able to hit up Newsies while it's still on Broadway!!

I'm sure these are the BEST reasons you should vote for me - and I really hope you will! I will be reposting the link and some info when the voting opens on April 10th, but for now here's the link in advance so you can bookmark it and get ready to spread the word. ;)

New York here I come!!

Independent Book Blogger Awards

Vote for this blog for the Independent Book Blogger Awards!


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