Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Booksy - The End is in Sight

My giveaway has ended, and despite an incredible run of bad luck (including deaths in the family, a car getting stolen, a layoff, and a car accident) I'm trying to remain positive that the end of all this crazy is in sight! :) Hopefully soon things will be getting back to "normal" crazy rather than "crazy" crazy.

Sight made me think of glasses - plenty of us who read wear them, and it just makes us even more nerd-tastic!

First, you gotta start off with some killer frames - I love this rhinestone cat eye frame and since blue is my favorite color, this vintage periwinkle frame as well. If you just want an easy pair to take on the go, I was personally blown away by these iCandy frames that come wrapped up like candy and are temporary fixes when you need reading glasses on the go!

To keep track of your glasses, how about using this fun blue butterfly magnetic holder? I can't help love this adorkable sock money glasses case, either. There's also a fantastic bookmark that doubles as a glasses holder.  Or you can stick with a more traditional but very beautiful eyeglass chain. My most favorite option, though, is this hilarious wall-mounted glasses holder in the shape of a nose and mouth!

Speaking of wall, if you want to jazz up a room with a little book-nerd oriented glasses art, I love these old antique reading glasses that have corroded the glass to create a pretty stain-glass effect. This tongue-in-cheek print titled "reading glasses" also had me giggling and would look excellent in my living room (might have to purchase it later on down the road!). Another fun piece of art is titled "Clarkius Kentodes" and is a "framed pair of superhero glasses". Classic!

 With all of these fun options, I think we can safely say that it is becoming much cooler to wear glasses! ;) 


  1. Most excellent and fun post. Thanks for including my monkey sleeve. I wish I were a writer, I would send you a copy of a book. :)

  2. Love all the items you have gathered here! Many thanks for including my antique reading glasses Jess! Please stop by my Etsy shop portrepublic.etsy.com to view all my antique and vintage items!

  3. Man, I hope things get back to normal crazy for you soon :)