Monday, April 9, 2012

Booksy - Let's Get Away

In honor of the grand opening of my travel agency, Operation Relax - and the AWESOME giveaway that will be taking place here starting tomorrow - today's Booksy explores gifts for the bookworm who loves to travel!

You definitely don't want to go anywhere without a first aid kit. This one is cute and functional!
If you need to bring a passport, you might want to consider covering it to keep it from getting wet, damaged, etc. Check out this Confucius quote passport cover.

Keep track of your travels with this compact expandable travel journal, which has everything from pages to pockets and can be filled with your trip of choice!

Every vacation needs a great bag - something not too heavy that can be filled with your souvenirs or daily snacks. I think this personalized backpack tote fits the bill.
Before you'll leave, you can look forward to your trip by counting down the days with this fun countdown blocks set.
Flights can cause headaches, so once you reach your hotel room you can take a break with this soothing aromatherapy eye pillow.
If you're traveling by car instead and your kids are driving you nuts, help to fill the time by playing some travel bingo.
Keep track of your destinations with this handy cork world map, or if you want to keep them closer to you daily, this beautiful journey bracelet.

Reading books naturally opens up the world the reader, describing new places and cultures. If the reader is adventurous, he or she may dream of visiting the places described within the books (assuming, of course, that the place is actually of this world). But even if the reader can't travel, there are a lot of great gift ideas!

You could picture yourself on vacation with this reflective mosaic mirror.
If you want to learn about a new culture, you could read a Cambodia handmade magazine.
Surrounding yourself with unique maps can also make you feel a bit of travel (without the flight fatigue) - I love this sheet music world map and this tube (subway) system world map.

Finally, it never hurts to save up for future travel, even if you can't afford to go right now. Make your saving fun with this cute map piggy bank!

Bon Voyage! :)


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  1. Thanks very much for featuring my compact expandable travel journal! This is such a fun collection. :)