Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's Up Wednesday - Bookish Things (other than book reviews)

My "spare time" life revolves around all things bookish - reading books, writing books (that I have yet to finish), writing poetry, reviewing books, reading book reviews, etc. In my trip around the blogosphere this week, I decided to highlight some great posts that have something to do with bookish things without being my usual sharing of book reviews, etc.

First, a lot of bookish people are also crafters or crafty. Therikrakstudio is hosting a special event just for you called "The 2012 Handmade Olympics." There's some great prizes/recognition to be won, so get out there and showcase your favorite bookish art (I think I'll be nominating some of my fave Booksy artists!).

Fromsandtoglass had some great advice for writers about what I like to term "word diarrhea." It's especially hard for someone like me who already suffers from general babbling when I'm talking which then translates even worse into my writing.

If you like sneak peeks, you should definitely swing by Fallintobooks, who has a sneak peek of the upcoming novel "The Calling." And if you're like me and haven't even read the first book of that trilogy, she has a link where you can get it. ;)

Athreewaytie brought up the idea of what age is a good age to read books with more adult content. As someone whose philosophy as a child was "find the thickest book I can to read", I encountered some pretty brutal stuff at a point where I wished I hadn't, frankly (in fact, one book was The Clan of the Cave Bear, which I won't even go near as an adult because it scarred me as a child!). I'm not sure how I feel about censoring, because there are some mature kids out there.... but how do you draw the line? Join in the discussion over on her blog if you're interested.

Normally I'm a big proponent of "don't judge a book by it's cover," but I have to admit that it still often factors into my decision of whether or not a book is going to end up being worthwhile (I've been surprised sometimes, but sadly less often than I'd like). Existential Ennui actually examines the work of a cover artist named Val Biro and shows how much work can go into creating the perfect cover.

Tabithasbookblog participated in a fun little meme titled "Top ten books I'd play hooky with," which I thought was really clever and fun. And then I thought some more about how I could probably NEVER narrow myself down to 10 books. NEVER. I think she cheated a little by using entire series to count as one book a few times, but I'd have to do that too.

For poetry lovers with younger children, I found out via Featheredquillbookreviews that PBS Kids will be celebrating a week of poetry in April on the shows "Martha Speaks" and "Arthur." So awesome!

Finally, the great eBook author Amanda Hocking tells about her experiences writing college papers even though she never finished a degree. I can relate to her wishing she could find one of her better papers - I wrote a brilliant piece of work for a Parapsychology course during my undergrad degree about Spontaneous Human Combustion, but it has since been lost to either the trash or the trash via old floppy disks that I can't really use anyway...

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