Friday, March 2, 2012

Recommended eBook of the Week - In the Hall of the Mountain King

Yes, I realize it's been a bit (AGAIN) since I updated my recommended eBook of the week, but I've been a busy lady, what with finals week and having Disney on Ice in town last week (one of the downsides of being a part time ticket seller is that you end up working crazy hours over events). Regardless, I found a GREAT one this time that has a decidly Star Trek/ Star Wars/ Star Gate vibe (like I how instantly nerd-i-sized myself there?).

The eBook is called In the Hall of the Mountain King, and here's the description:
"Half a million years ago, two races in a far galaxy went to war. In the end, the losers fled and passed on their war to others in the galaxy, along with the technology to fight it. Earth was one of the heirs through a secret organization known as The Blade.
Now, they're beginning to realize that the enemy they signed up to fight is not the one they're actually fighting.
In fact, they have no idea who the real enemy is, or where they come from.
But even as they fight in a distant galaxy, many are realizing that their worst enemies are actually right here on Earth and they're willing to do anything and remove anyone to obtain the technologies left to Earth for its defenses; technologies far more advanced and deadly than anything the governments of the Earth can imagine.
If The Blade should fail, humanity could not only lose the stars, but the Earth as well.

Boasting a vibrant cast of characters, Mountain King is book one of the Cross of Stars Trilogy; a series that details the perils of accepting gifts from strangers."

Yep, you really should check that one out if you're a scifi geek like me! :) Just click here or click the link on the left side of my blog. 

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