Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Booksy - Rockin' Out

This week I will be doing something I've wanted to do ever since it first hit Broadway - I'll be going to see Rock of Ages! Sure, it will be here in Nebraska rather than out on the "real" Broadway, but that doesn't mean it won't ROCK!! ;)

If you have a book lover in your life who also loves to rock n' roll, this edition of Booksy will provide some great gift suggestions! Just a word of warning - the pictures aren't always in order because Blogger can get a bit glitchy. Sorry about that!

Looking for a great vintage read? Nothing reads better than Michael Jackson in the 80's! Or if you're looking for a little more rock and a little less pop, Nobody Told Me has some big names including Steven Tyler and Aerosmith!

To tote around your books, you need a stylin' bag like this eco-friendly tote bag or this fantastic vinyl record purse.

You can dress the part of an 80's rock queen while reading your fave flashback novel - just slip on this punky fishnet bangle bracelet and  a fishnet hoodie and you're ready to rock and roll! You could also see about getting your prescription put into this sweet pair of faux-Ed Hardy frames. Are you a rock god instead of goddess? You might like these leather snap-on bracelets and this tattoo-inspired rock shirt. Your book can be decked out too, with this bottlecap bookmark or copper guitar bookmark.

Track your reading time with a far-out  The Who record clock, which can hang next to your glitter art Billy Idol poster and your Styx record cut to look like a guitar. You can take notes in some great rock albums notebooks.

Thinking of hosting an 80's themed book club party? If you're not, you might change your mind when you see these hot items! You could provide each guest with a glitter microphone soap party favor, then huddle around the rockin' record chip bowls lit by a cassette tape light! Next to them you can serve up some delicious rock cookies. Your invites could be this big hair card or hair band card, and you could stamp them up with some 80's praises.

Finally, save up your book fund (all book-a-holics have one, don't deny it!) with this rockstar piggy bank!

Rock on, book geeks, rock on! :)


  1. love it!!! thanks for featuring my gray & neon pink fishnet over sized hoodie!!!

  2. This is awesome! Looks great!

  3. Thanks for sharing my I Love Rock N Roll bookmark. I shared on our facebook page.