Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Booksy - The Hunger Games

Oh yes - I have been hit with The Hunger Games fever! :) My HUSBAND (a man who I've never seen read an entire book in the 13 years I've known him) was the one who told me I should check them out, and so obviously I had to - and I read through all three books in under a week!

If you haven't checked them out yet, you really really should - and you should read them BEFORE you go see the movie, since I have a feeling that the movie will mess some things up (they always do).

Anyway, since the movie is coming out this week, here are some great book nerd gifts for anyone in your life that likes The Hunger Games! If you're a fan, these need no further description:

- Mellark Bakery Towel

- Mockingjay Necklace

- A Fake Nail Set (if I could pull them off, I'd totally wear them!)

- Bow with Peeta Pearl Bracelet

- Paper Bead Bracelet

- Fan Art on Shoes

- Everdeen Family Book of Herbs

- Pencil Set

- Duct Tape iPad Sleeve

- Refrigerator Magnet Set

- An AMAZING Book Sculpture (It's totally calling to me, someone better buy it!!)

- Katniss' Interview Dress (If I only I wore that size...)

- Resin Graphic Bangle

- Catching Fire Red Lip Balm

- Set of 5 Nesting Dolls (so cool!)

- Effie Trinket Yarn (this one only works if your bookie loves yarn crafts as well... you  now, someone like me...)

- Cuddly Peeta Mellark Pillow (adorkable!)

You know you want to buy some of these... ;) I will have my Hunger Games reviews up later this week - and I'll let you know how the movie compares to the first book!


  1. Great post! I really want to read 'The Hunger Games', instead of watching the film.

  2. Great collection!!! Thanks so much for including my magnet set!

  3. thanks for featuring theme fragrance catching fire lip balm!

  4. Thank you for including my artwork in your great collection.

  5. What a fantastic list for the fan of The Hunger Games!

  6. oh my What a great list! And thank you for featuring me! Gorgeous!

  7. What great stuff....love your suggestions....