Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Recommended eBook of the Week, in honor of Skyrim!

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to three things: Books, TV shows, and video games in the Elder Scrolls series! When Skyrim came out in November, I had already had it pre-ordered for over a year, and made it there on day one to get it (I'm not quite crazy enough to be one of the people who showed up at midnight).

Since then, I've already completed the main quest and most of the side/misc quests, and have had Skyrim - and dragons- on the brain! As such, I knew immediately that this weeks' book would need to have something to do with dragons.

Behold, I give you The Weight of Swords:
"The dragons attacked fifteen years ago. Since that time, the Sword Bearers have protected Hellveti from their onslaught. Now, two of their elite members have been kidnapped by unknown forces.

One is doomed to die quickly under mysterious and cryptic circumstances, the other will be forced to fight for his life in a sadistic contest with only one possible end.

As he struggles to survive the arena, the Sword Bearer makes horrifying discoveries about the true nature of the dragons, and the true intentions of these new enemies.

Driven by a blood-soaked history now long-forgotten by the Sword Bearers, the enemy king has plans to right a wrong from centuries in the past. Nothing short of complete vengeance on Hellveti will satisfy his blood lust.

Once free of the arena, the Sword Bearer must work to slow the invasion of the Dragon Masters and an army so vast and terrible that it threatens to trample his people out of existence.

Behind it all, driven by a love for one lost to him, is the enemy general. One who seems to be both friend and enemy to the Sword Bearers.

Only one nation can win this contest. Hellveti has been caught by surprise and is weakened by fifteen years of attacks. The invading army is well trained and led by a legion of war dragons and riders.

Thundering battles, deception, intrigue, unfailing devotion, all-important honor, and ultimate sacrifice lead to the inevitable climax.

Where did the dragons come from, and why do these strangers know so much..."

Sounds really good, right? And totally relates to my current Skyrim/dragons obsession. If it sounds like something you'd like to read, just click the link on the left side of my blog, or click here.


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