Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fiverr Updated to Sorta Recommended Read - Lust Takes the White House by Benson Grayson

Lust Takes The White HouseLust Takes The White House by Benson Grayson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**Updated: The author took my words to heart and had many of the errors corrected, so it is a better read now! It makes it much easier to follow the plot, and makes the story more interesting.**


I just couldn't see past the plethora of spelling, grammatical and editing errors to truly enjoy this book!! On the 5th page, "Pergamon" is spelled "Pergamum" AND "Pergamom", and it took me until the third or so chapter before I could safely identify that it was indeed supposed to be spelled "Pergamon." There was also "Back" instead of "Buck"; "There" instead of "Their"; and at one point, the use of Pergamon's name instead of Tammy's when referring to Tammy! It had the overall effect of making me feel like I was reading a very very rough draft, and all of the errors detracted from the story. Several sentences also seemed to be repeated throughout, as if they were only put in there as filler rather than substance. This book just doesn't feel professional, and I was wholeheartedly disappointed with it. If the entire book were completely cleaned up, there is a decent plot idea hidden here, but it REALLY needs some cleaning!!!!

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