Friday, December 20, 2013

Jess' Top 7 of 2013

I read so many good books this year! Of course, I say that every year - and every year, it's true. :) I didn't hit my reading goal, as this year was a year of changes, but I still feel comfortable with the amount that I have read.

This year I tried to mix in even amounts of indie authors with traditionally published authors, but most of my favorite books this year weighed in on the traditionally published side. Please note that these are books I read this year, not necessarily books that came out this year.

Without further ado, here are my top 7 books from 2013:

#7: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Not only did I love this book, I LOVED this series! Wasn't a huge fan of the movie, but that's how it generally goes with that sort of thing. :) I think you definitely need to check it out if you haven't yet and are a fantasy novel fan.

#6: The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom
Even if you're not religious, I think you'll appreciate this book. The main character is actually a skeptic which makes it very enjoyable. It leaves you thinking "What if?"

#5: Reach: A Twin Bred Novel by Karen A. Wyle
Pretty sure this author deserves to be discovered by a big time publisher, because I just plain love her books! The first book of this series made my Top 7 list in 2011, and her second book deserves it just as much. If you like SciFi, check her out - you won't be disappointed.

#4: Cinder by Marissa Meyer
This takes the idea of "new spins on fairytales" into a steampunk realm and rocks it! You'll have fun placing the characters, and will probably enjoy the "Cinderella meets Firefly" feel to this book. The second book in the series is just as good, and there's a third book coming out in 2014 that I"m sure I will love!

#3: Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis
Take a post-apocalyptic future, add in a touch of government conspiracy and a faint echo of Little House on the Prairie (no lie!) and you have this incredible book! I loved the simpleness of this book, which takes almost as much talent to write as a very complicated book.

#2: The Never List by Koethi Zan
This book was dark, and haunted me - but it really deserves to be here! It's not very often that a scary book makes it on my list, so you know it has to be good. Not a great book to read before bed, but you could read it during the day. ;)

#1: The Host by Stephanie Meyer
I'm not the biggest Stephanie Meyer fangirl, but this book was leaps and bounds above the Twilight series - so if you like that series, you'll like this book! This is another post-apocalyptic novel, but in an "alien invasion" way, and it really drives home the idea of second chances. Not only was this a great book, but it was also a solidly good movie!

What were YOUR top books in 2013?


  1. Loved finding out what your top books of 2013 were! City of Bones and Cinder have both been on my list for way too long. I plan to read them right away in 2014. :)


    1. You definitely need to check out City of Bones and Cinder! :) I think you'll love them!

  2. Great list!! I have just started reading City of Bones and cannot wait to read Cinder :) My top read for 2013 was The Infernal Devices by Cassie Clare if you get a chance to check it out <3

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    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.