Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sorta Recommended Read - The Monster Magnet by Sion Smith

The Monster MagnetThe Monster Magnet by Sion Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's always difficult to form a solid opinion when eBooks are this short, but it seemed like a solid premise for a book and was interesting. Too short for my liking and could be extended to a full novel, but still a fun little read.

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  1. I think I shall comment on this. I am the guilty party. I am the guy that released the first part of a 12 part serial and then decided to make drastic changes to it and withdrew it (or so I thought) from most places online!

    If I may be so bold - roll with me for a couple of weeks while I get my act together to fix the bit that didn't work and all will be well again - but thanks for the kind words all the same. I hope the remainder does your patience justice.

    Thanks Jess - where did you find it anyway? I thought I had withdrawn them all.



  2. Sorry - I meant to drop this in too - you can find me here:

  3. I think I found it a long while back on Smashwords - I probably got it before you removed it! :) Sometimes it takes me a while to get to the books I download from Smashwords.