Monday, August 13, 2012

Booksy: Hopping into fall

As the cooler weather lately can attest to, we are already at fall! For me, this means that I have one more term left of school before I finish up my Master's degree!! :) I have a couple of weeks off before that term starts, so I'm finally able to do another Booksy - I know you all have been missing it!

This week theme is bunnies - more specifically, it's in honor of our recent adoption of a bondmate for our current Holland Lop bunny Hufflepuff - a little Holland Lop dubbed Cinna. It's also to recognize a recent fundraiser called Books for Bunnies. Books for Bunnies was sponsored by two great pals of mine (who are both attending this great book cruise in May, by the way) and helped to raise money for the House Rabbit Society. Even though you can no longer participate in the event, you can always make a donation to the House Rabbit Society!

So for my bookish bunny lovers, here's some great items:
- First, comfy tees are always nice when reading, so check out this great bunny love tee.

- You can decorate with upcycled books using this festive rabbits garland.

- Slip a paperback into this darling bunny purse and you can take your read on the go.

- Or if you prefer reading on your iPhone, why not cover it with this adorable bunny tail iPhone case?

- Wear your bunny close to your heart and showcase your love of books at the same time with this antique brass bunny book locket.

- We all have books that exceed our bookshelves, so why not hold them between these blue bunny bookends, or maybe with this cute wooden bunny bookend?

- Brighten up your nights with this Good Night Moon nightlight, featuring the lead bunny himself.

- Finally, a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference because I'm a dork - an "It could be bunnies" bracelet!

Enjoy, and if you are consider getting a bunny please always check your local House Rabbit Society chapter or rescue group first! :)

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