Monday, August 13, 2012

Freebie Flop: Her Honor's Bodyguard by Johnny Ray

Her Honor's BodyguardHer Honor's Bodyguard by Johnny Ray
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There were some things right off the bat that almost made me stop reading and move on to something else. First, the formatting for this story was weird on my Nook - but that happens sometimes, so that by itself wouldn't have been a problem. But then I hated that the story description is right up front, which kind-of takes away from the mystery of starting reading a new book. I prefer not having that description in my mind before I start reading.
It got worse though - there was also an unnecessarily long copyright statement AND an author bio in the beginning! It felt like the author was too full of himself and just wanted to brag. That kind of stuff needs to be in the back, after I read the story itself to determine whether or not that sort of accolade is earned.
It was like someone told me what a gift was before I got to unwrap it - I was very turned off and just wanted to dive into the book, not wade through those pages before finding the story.
Sadly, the story itself didn't make up for it's rocky start. Some of the phrasing was very awkward, and there were a whole lot of spelling and grammatical errors. The story didn't draw me in and had some really awkward bad porno moments in it.
It was too predictable, and too sexual, for my tastes. Perhaps if you like overly sexual stories you might like this.

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