Friday, January 27, 2012

Recommended Read - Ennatarian Dreams by Peter Saye

Ennatarian DreamsEnnatarian Dreams by Peter Saye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This cyclical story follows a species known as the Ennatarians, and their struggles to both be peaceful and fight their oppressors, the Delabians. There were a couple of minor formatting errors while reading on my Nook, along with a few spelling and editing errors, but nothing too major. The sentences are a little too long and unwieldy, especially at the beginning of the book - if they were restructured, the book would have a better flow and read easier. It also jumps around a bit so it can be a little hard to follow - perhaps if there were an indication in the chapter titles as to whether it's the past or present it might be a little more clear.

However, the world is created with so much detail that you can practically see, taste, smell and touch it! The action at the end is really heart-pounding, and I love that the story portrays the double-edged sword of embracing versus fighting your past. The cyclical nature of the work shows professionalism, and overall this is well-done.

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