Monday, January 16, 2012

Big 2012 Birthday Giveaway - come and get it!! :)

It's my birthday today, and nothing makes me more happy than giving presents to other people! I know that's kinda backwards, but it works for me - I feel satisfied with what I have in life, so I'd rather give to others (unless it involves raising money for my new business venture).

Here are the wonderful prizes up for grabs:
- A book of your choice from the following list: Lucky Break by Esther Freud, Scars on the Face of God by C.G. Bauer, Anachronessence by Sirisha Billa, The Immigrant Advantage by Claudia Kolker, Emeralds Never Fade by Stephen Maitland-Lewis, Making Sense of Your Life by Anita Carman, Come the Shadows by Wendy L. Young, or Are You There Erma? by Gayle Carline. (Many of these have reviews here on my blog, and you can also look them up on Goodreads)
- A personal blog writeup here on this blog about your site/blog/item for sale/etsy shop, etc.
- From my sponsor Annette, a $10 gift credit good towards anything in her Etsy shop.

- From my sponsor Sandi, a wonderful kids pajama bag with an owl applique, from her Etsy shop.

- From my sponsor Stacie, a gift bag filled with wonderful handmade products like soap, lip balm, and lotion from her Etsy shop.

In addition, don't forget that for the entire month of January, I'm giving away my eBooks for FREE! That's right, FREE. No strings attached! :) I just want to share my works, and if you enjoy them I ask that you leave a review on Smashwords and/or Goodreads and/or Barnes & Noble, etc. If you REALLY enjoy them, please feel free to use the "Donate" link at the bottom of my blog to donate the retail price of the book - each book retails for $0.99.So how do you get these books? Just head to and select the book or books you want for FREE. Then in the checkout cart, use coupon code SX29J for Twin Rivers and coupon code HH52Q for The Anti-Arthritis Diet. It's that easy!! :)

Here's the raffle form where you can earn entries - I will draw the winner tomorrow!! Happy entering and good luck! :) ***UPDATED: I ADDED AN EXTRA DAY SINCE THIS WIDGET WASN'T WORKING PROPERLY EARLY THIS MORNING, SO I WILL DRAW THE WINNER ON WEDNESDAY INSTEAD!!! YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME TO EARN ENTRIES - GOOD LUCK!!***

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  1. What a great giveaway!

  2. I love this hat from Stock Annette:

  3. I love Luster's soap like this one:

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  5. so I have a 4yr old who has a thing for scarves....LOL
    so I'm going with-Hand Knit Alpaca Scarf: Navy Blue and Red, with Keyhole

  6. Ok it said ITEM....but since it is an item but different flavor that counts right???
    I really like the Cherry cola/wintermint and french vanilla lip balms

  7. Thank you everyone who donated to make this a wonderful Birthday giveaway for Jess!!!
    Happy Birthday Jess!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Jess -

    Enjoy a beautiful day!

  9. Happy birthday! Can't wait to find out who wins!

  10. This is a great idea. I haven't seen this done before. Congrats!

  11. Great giveaway. I love the hat in the etsy shop. Thanks to everyone who helped run this giveaway!

    I hope to see you on my blog soon -
    Stepping Out of the Page

  12. Just got the goodies!!!! Thanks you so much!!!