Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Booksy - Fall into Fantasy

I've been in a Fantasy Book Funk lately (pretty sure that is a common malady among those of us who read more than one genre), so to pick me up here's a lovely collection of gifts for the fantasy novel lovers in your life!
 - Fantasy inspires art, and nowhere is that more apparent than Etsy! I especially like this steampunk piece from darklingemily; this library-inspired piece from themonkeyface; and this hilarious, feminist-inspired piece from guiltycubicle.

- When you love fantasy, bookshelves aren't just for holding books! Try this book doll from dollsbydesign; this pocket dragon by aquamoose; and this fairy bookstore from winterdays.

- If your head is in the clouds, you probably like to journal. You could go with a more basic leather from barbwireandroses; a wooden-covered piece of art from bookmason; or an upcycled journal from ivylanedesigns.

- Some fantasy worlds have mini things, and for them you can use a mini wizard book with stand from designsbydeebug;wear your mini auryn  from theclaypony to protect the world; and add to their expanding library of knowledge with the classicly fantastical Chronicles of Narnia mini book set from treefeathers!

- For fantasy gift givers, check out these mad hatter tags by fyreflyhollow; these original art stickers by schin; and these cute fairy rubber stamps by inkandecence.

- Want to add fantasy home decor? This snazzy tray from patchworklaboratory fits the bill! Or check out this really pretty hand/dish towel from embroideryeverywhere.You can also tell the time with this brilliant Alice in Wonderland clock from buckaroosmercantile.

- Reading electronically these days can provide a sad longing for a "real" book - but you can recapture that with this repurposed iPad book cover by rebounddesigns!

- You can even find more fantasy books to feed your addiction on Etsy. Try Union of Renegades from tracyfalbe or Death and Other Inconveniences from bambi007.

- Other great miscellaneous finds include: a fictional places sign post from fictionaldirections; a unisex, dracula-inspired perfume from minasapothecary; and custom painted fedoras from opheliart.


  1. Can I have them all? :) Thanks so much for including my little stickers!

  2. Jessica, this is pretty cool. thanks for the include and the invitation. Good stuff up there.

  3. :) Thanks guys! You do wonderful work and deserve some recognition!

  4. writing is an art within itself...wonderful...

  5. You have some beautiful finds in your blog! Thank you for including my mini Auryn necklace :)

  6. Thank you so much for mentioning my novel Union of Renegades. And I didn't even know I needed a pocket dragon, but it sure looks good to have.

  7. What a cool blog you have! I will have to visit often! Thank you for making me a part of it!
    Cheers! Fyrefly Hollow

  8. This is Doc from PatchworkLaboratory on Etsy. Thanks for mentioning my dragon vanity tray. You found so much beautiful stuff here!
    I love your bookcase wallpaper background too. ;)

  9. Hi Jess! Thank you so much for featuring my Hermione print. I love the "booksy" series concept, I will definitely be checking back often to see what other cool Lit and Etsy posts you have here!

  10. Such a delight,Jessica. Thank You for treasuring my imagination. Thank You for including me in your Booksy Fantasy,with so many other talented fantasy lovers. Great ideas, such a wonderful escape.
    I'll be back.
    Alex DeVoe

  11. Lovely little collection of various fantasy books and related items, thank you for including the journal.

  12. Jess;
    Thanks for including my mini wizard book. Love the site

  13. This is a fabulous collection! I am honored to have my steampunk art featured here among these lovely treasures! :)

  14. Hi there, finally catching up and visiting your blog, thanks so much for including my miniature Narnia book set! Love this collection you put together, some really cool things! :)

    - Grace