Thursday, January 5, 2012

Booksy - Book Nerd Items From Etsy

I had so much fun putting together the list of items to buy the book lover in your lives that I decided maybe I should make it a regular feature! I won't say "daily" or even "weekly" because I know that my schedule tends to be erratic at best.

However, on a regular basis I will scour Etsy to find the best bibliophile items for all of you book lovers or for all of you who have a book lover in your life... or both! :)

Today's items are both useful AND adorkable:

1) Book Nerd's Envelope Set - especially great for those of us (like me) who still prefer "snail mail" to email!

2) Book Junkie Decorative Pillow - pretty self-explanatory... and I think it would look cute on a bookshelf - that is, if you can find the space!

3) Library Card Pouch - great for using as a quick wallet when you don't want to have to carry your heavy purse everywhere!

4) Book Nerd Aluminum Book Mark - because it would hold up soooo much better than those old scraps of paper you usually use...

5) Custom Comic Flats - you can read them while waiting at the bus stop, or just use them to avoid having to find shoes that actually match your outfit!

That's all for today folks - oh, and if you want, feel free to buy me any of these for my birthday this month! ;) hee hee.

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