Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Up Wednesday - A Recap

It feels like I am hitting that time of year again where time seems to whir by because of the outrageous amounts of things I am expected to conquer over the next few months - and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels that way over the October-February months! ;)

So I am pretty far behind on the blogs I follow, but to my relief it looks like they haven't been posting as much either (at least, not all of them). Here's a recap of some of the interesting things discussed by my fellow bloggers in the last 24 hours:

1) Twilight clip - I had to laugh that one of my fellow bloggers was making fun of the next Twilight movie, even though I know I'll be one of the crazies who ends up seeing it during its first week in theaters. I won't lie though - I loved the books, and I want to see how they do this whole "having sex and getting preggers right away with an incredibly fast-growing mixedbreed" thing...
2) Big Ol' List of Giveaways - I'm not sure I actually have time to try to win any of them, but it's always fun to try and participate.
3) A Book Review - Yeah ok, so probably the majority of the blogs I follow review books because I'm a book-a-holic, but this was a particularly nice review.
4) Discussion about the eBook market - This is interesting and worthwhile if you are also an author like me.
5) Personal advice - Written in the style of "Ask Ann" or any other advice column, but in a much better and more detailed form.
6) Super Awesome Sock Yarn Giveaway - Which reminds me, I need to finish a baby blanket for a friend before November 10th when she is induced...
7) Darndest Things That Kids Say - I had a good laugh, and I don't even have kids!
8) A Droolworthy Fake Boyfriend - You'll get this once you read the post.

As for a recap of anything I've done in the last week or so... mostly homework, work, read a few books, and oh yeah - started up a campaign to raise money to purchase CARHENGE! :) Please come check it out - I have donation amounts starting as low as $1 and could really use some help promoting it!! Here's the linkity link.

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