Wednesday, July 30, 2014

21 Day Fix Day 4: "Behind"

Yes, the title of this post has two meanings - first, I spent most of the day running behind after dealing with a few unexpected travel issues (remember, I am a travel agent). And second, it was lower body day, so my behind is sore!

Here's the menu for today:

We had to modify a few things again, due to running out (or in the case of the peaches, me flat out forgetting to add them to the long grocery list) or me just not wanting it. I used some leftover taco meat on my salad for lunch rather than the cottage cheese which was a win! Then instead of the peach I put a little pico de gallo on my salad (not sure why that qualifies as a purple and not a green, since if I diced up all the ingredients individually they are all green...) which wasn't great so I ate around it.

Dinner was surprisingly filling, even despite the fact that the smaller sweet potato fries burned so we didn't eat a full 2 portions. I made sure that even though the steak was sirloin (which is already pretty lean) to trim off any excess fat at the edges.

I was looking forward to my "treat" today - three times per week you can have one of the designated treats in the book as a yellow equivalent (even though the measurement is a little larger than a yellow). Basically they are all chocolate except one, and since I cannot have chocolate due to caffeine intolerance, that left me one - but it was one of my faves, POPCORN! Yay! It's basically air popped popcorn with a little salt and some dried fruit and almonds. I'm not a huge almond fan and wanted to save money, so I just used the dried cranberries we already had prior to the program and popcorn. I couldn't see just having it air popped without a little something, so I used one of our teaspoons to spritz some olive oil on it and added cinnamon (one of my fave flavors AND a great anti-inflammatory!). Verdict? One cup of that treat is a PITIFUL amount! :( I wanted to eat the whole bowl of yummy goodness, not one tiny cup. The flavor was good though. I wish there was a way to make less airpopped popcorn in our popper - now I have several cups worth leftover and it's not really built into the rest of the planned days, so the popcorn will most likely go stale before we can use it up.

Today was the first day I didn't work out with Chris - I went to my usual personal training session while he did the video. I still had my trainer do lower body so we ended up doing a lot of the same exercises, but I also got the benefit of lots of wonderful stretching at the end!! So I'm a lot less sore than I think I would have been with the video. That's been my biggest complaint so far with the videos is that I don't feel she spends enough time on stretching - but that could be because of the number of times I've dealt with pain and injury so I'm a little obsessed with getting enough stretching!

Due to all of the running around like crazy, I didn't start on the menu for the next 5-6 days until late - so now I'm a little worried I'll have time to get it done! Hopefully Chris will help me with it this time now that we've both got a basic understanding of how it works.

In bookish news (yes, this is a BOOK BLOG lol) - I got a great package today from my friends at Gone Reading!! I can't wait to share with you everything I got - hopefully this diet won't interfere, but it might be a few days lol.

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