Tuesday, July 29, 2014

21 Day Fix Day 3 - First "Rest Day"

Even though we woke up feeling less sore today, we still decided a rest day (a day with some light walking and stretching) was still a better idea than pushing forward with the next fitness video. It never hurts to be a little cautious in the beginning so we don't injure ourselves!

Here's what the Day 3 Menu looks like:

Breakfast was awesome, but we were pretty sure it would be - we had made "frog in the holes" with my bagel thins before. Lunch was also something we had eaten before, so we knew we'd enjoy that, too. Dinner was really good - I didn't realize that even though the recipe said 1 orange of parmesan cheese that it actually counted as part of a blue, so we ended up with 1/2 an extra blue and no orange today. Also, I guess we ran out of parmesan last week and I forgot to put it on our grocery list, so we subbed in mozzarella. It wasn't our only substitution today - I also didn't buy enough apples! So Chris had some watermelon (that I bought to make him watermelon-infused water; personally I love plain ol' ice water but I know he prefers flavored drinks so I wanted to make it easier on him) and I had a fruit cup.

One observation I have so far is that the portions are filling - IF you eat them! Since the foods aren't as appetizing to me, I've been eating less and thus feeling more hunger than I should. I hope that by next week I'll have found ways to combine the portions that will make me eat the full amounts - I especially have been skipping out on my veg portions.

I also just realized that this is Day 3, and I've only got 6 days of meal plans - so I need to start working on the next 6 days of food! I don't think I'd be able to plan for 7 days, as even 6 is risky when you are mostly buying fresh produce that you don't want to spoil. I got a little distracted today (more below) so I didn't think of it until just now, but I've still got a couple of hours tonight to get started.

In another turn of events, as I mentioned I am currently between day jobs. Yesterday I had been given the chance to start the onboarding process with a company I had applied for after waiting 4 weeks to hear back from another company that I was interested in working for. Well, today that company finally called back (in week 5) - apparently the local manager had gone out of town right after my last interview and had been gone the last two weeks, which is why they hadn't been able to put me through for the job until now! So I set it up to start their onboarding tomorrow, and now I have a choice to make as to which company I want to work for... it's a tough decision! My travel business will ALWAYS be first for me, but since commissions are irregular I like having a steady paycheck from a second part time job. Maybe you guys can help me choose? Here are the details:
1) Job #1 is the job that has taken over 5 weeks to get to the hiring phase. It's for an inventory company, and I would be acting in a supervisor capacity. I would only be losing $2/hour from my last job to start, with the potential to make up that difference within a year. I liked the regional director who interviewed me as well, and there is the potential after I am trained to get to take part in some International inventory trips to places like Germany and Sweden!! And of course, as a travel agent, I super love travel. However, the hours aren't great - lots of late nights and/or early early mornings - and the people I would be supervising have had some disciplinary problems and heavy turnover. Also, the dress code calls for wearing pants - personally, I HATE wearing pants and would rather wear a dress or skirt any day! lol they are a lot more comfy when you have "extra" weight, but the reason this position has pants is that there is a little bit of ladder climbing.
2) Job #2 I applied for last week Thursday, and they called me within two hours of submitting to do my first interview. They then set me up for my second interview for the next day, which I appreciated because I love it when things are punctual. That went well and she let me know that on Monday they would be sending me the information to start the onboarding process - very communicative, another thing I appreciated (rather than waiting around trying to find out whether or not I had a job). The hours are really good - basically, I'm assigned a store to do some research on (either a product or a display) and need to visit it within a certain amount of days during business hours. That means the schedule is VERY flexible, which is great for me to be able to make sure my travel clients are always my priority. Plus, no late nights or super early mornings! However, when they contacted me Monday is when I found out about the pay - it's a variable pay rate depending on the task, which isn't ideal (I would hate having to guess what my paycheck would be each week) and I'd be losing anywhere from $7 to $2//hour in pay. $7/hour is a HUGE loss of pay - in a 10 hour work week, that's an extra $70 I'm losing! They also require slacks, but also collared shirts (shudder). If you look in my closet right now, I own exactly 1 collared shirt lol! I'd almost rather prefer a uniform at that point.

UPDATE: After posting this on Facebook earlier today, and getting feedback from family and friends, I decided to take job #2 and I called and declined the other offer. So by next week I should have a steady paycheck again! :) Yay for that!

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