Monday, July 28, 2014

21 Day Fix Day 2 - Off to a rough start

When we woke up this morning, boy were we sore!! I could feel my joints flaring up - (I was diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis several years ago, and along with it I have osteo-arthritis throughout my hips, back, shoulders, and knees) and was glad we were waiting until the afternoon to do the next workout. Here's the menu we had for today:

Breakfast was also a mixed bag - since I'm generally not a fan of eggs (unless they are put to use in a recipe or on a sandwich) I decided to use half a container of leftover taco meat and one egg to fulfill my one protein. It was good! Today also called for oatmeal... in the past, the only way I've enjoyed "oatmeal" was in the form of a cookie or a baked dish with tons of sugar, but I always want to try things at least once. I tried it, I hated it, I tried then moving it to a dish and baking it, still didn't like it. I probably got down 3-4 spoonfuls of the top, crispy part. I wasn't sure how to count that on my sheet so I called it 1/4 of each type (yellow, purple) though in reality it's probably less. Then I made up for the yellow by having a half of a gluten free English muffin with some coconut oil and cinnamon on it.

Sadly, lunch was underwhelming, so I only ate 1/2 of my meatballs. While decent, they were pretty dry (probably because they are from lean meat) and I desperately wanted a sauce of some kind - peanut, ketchup, whatever.

I stayed hungry throughout the day - I think part of it was that my body was craving sugar and more carbs, since that's what it is used to. However, I had something wonderful to fall back on - something that this program definitely does NOT provide: tools to battle the MENTAL side of the weight loss struggle from my Train Your Brain class at Square One Health Club! If you haven't heard of the club, you should really check it out - I used to work there, and the owners were on Season 3 of The Biggest Loser. Anyway, if you aren't in Omaha, I'm sorry but right now they don't offer the Train Your Brain class online or anywhere else in the country. If you are in Omaha, you should definitely consider signing up for the class - it is worth it!

Dinner was probably my favorite meal, I loaded up on a few extra veggies to fill myself up more. The workout was rough, but doable. The hardest part was that the order she did the workouts in was really weird and involved getting down on the floor for a couple exercises, then getting back up to do a couple, then back down again. To me, it was nearly torture, so I ended up just doing the exercises in a different order. Getting up and down off the floor, even when I'm not super sore, is difficult enough, but when I was so sore it was torture.

We decided in order to ease the pain for me that we will build in a rest day every third day. During our rest day we will just do light walking and some stretching, but no hard workout. This will probably reduce how much weight we can lose, but in the long term we feel it will be healthier for me so I don't have to raise my already high amount of daily anti-inflammatories.

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