Friday, February 8, 2013

Updated Book Review List 2013

It's a little over one month into the new year, and I still have a hefty list of books to read! I have been so blessed to have received several review copies from authors who were on my list to read this year! I'm still waiting to hear back from a few more, and so far only one author has responded that a review copy is not possible.

If you are an author of one of the books below and would like to send me a review copy, or if you are an avid reader who has a copy and would like to send it to me, please contact me via Goodreads or here on the blog and let me know! :) I would be eternally grateful - I have a goal to try to donate at least 75 books this year to my local public library!

Without further ado, my updated list for February:


Yellow = emailed book request via Goodreads info
Green = received response and book is on the way
Light Blue = eBook format received
Pink = received response, unable to send copy

Lost in Petra
Sunset: Pact Arcanum 1

I would say 4 of the books off my list in 1 month isn't bad, especially since I was gone on a cruise for one week, then moved to a new house, AND I have books in my TBR pile from publishers and other review requests that aren't on this list! :) But I'm hoping to catch up more on this list soon. 

Once again, I ask if you have a book on this list and would be willing to send it to me, I would be very very grateful! :) 

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