Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sorta Recommended Read - The Traiteur's Ring by Jeffrey Wilson

The Traiteur's RingThe Traiteur's Ring by Jeffrey Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, know this: "A traiteur is Cajun healer, or else a traditional healer of the French-speaking Houma Tribe, whose primary method of treatment involves using the laying on of hands." I had to look it up, because I was thinking maybe the title of this book had been misspelled. It's not a common word anywhere out of Louisianna, as far as I can tell. Anyway, so it's not a misspelling of "traitor," in case you are wondering.

The storyline in this book was decent, but fragmented and hops around a bit. I like how the author makes you feel like you are part of the Navy SEAL team - my husband was military, and I know that the situations in this book that don't pertain to magical powers are actually fairly realistic. However, when you add in the magical things, it just feels a little weird.

There's also part that involves a Rougarou... and there's not much info out there on that myth, but it's generally thought of as a werewolf of sorts. This book didn't really showcase that, and just made it sound like some nasty cannibalism.

There are a couple of small editing/spelling errors, and the cover would turn me off if I was at a store looking to buy a book (I won this on First Reads here) - it's really ugly and indie-looking, not a professional cover at all.

I would have still probably given this book four stars if not for a glaring mistake at the end of the book - the end alludes to the idea that his newborn son is now going to have a Traiteur ability. However, the definition and information on Traiteurs says that the powers pass from opposite sex - so since the main character got his powers from his grandmother, it would only make sense that his child would gain the powers if he had a daughter, not a son. I hate inconsistencies, and since I had to take the time to look up what a Traiteur was, I want everything to be correctly used.

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