Friday, November 22, 2013

Update: A Book Addict Is Never Done Accumulating Books

So, remember how I posted my hefty goal for the year of reading 130 books this year off a list composed of random picks from my To Read list? (If not, check out this post).

As you can see from my ticker on the left hand side of my blog, I won't be hitting my goal. I will probably get to about 80-85% of it, but with all of the many things that came up this year (moving, new job, then a different and "more better" new job, lots of traveling and an increase in my travel agency sales, the illness and then death of my father in law, etc) I just haven't had quite as much time to devote to reading or to keeping up with my reviews.

That being said, I also didn't stick to my original plan very well. It started off great - I sent out a ton of messages to authors and many of them responded and were willing to send me a free copy of their books - but then I started getting inundated with requests from the several publishing companies that I review for... and then I got distracted at several bookstores and bought a bunch of books... and let's face it, I'm frankly such a book addict that I just can't refuse a free book even if it's not on my list for the year! ;)

But the good news is that I did stick to one goal - I've easily already donated almost 75 books to the public library! I went through all the books in my collection when I moved and weeded out many that, while wonderful, I would probably not read again or at least would not miss from my collection, then added that to many of the books I have read this year. It felt good to donate to my library that was sooooo pathetically in need of good literature! :)

Anyway, so here is the updated book list - yes, I realize that most of the books are STILL in the list from the beginning of the year, but I've gotten to most that have been sent to me - except the ones on my Nook, which have taken a lower priority than the hard copies that are stacked up on my office desk and are in need of other joining my collection or being donated so that they are out of the way! ;) If you have access to any of these to send to me, I would greatly appreciate it!


Yellow = emailed book request via Goodreads info
Green = received response and book is on the way
Light Blue = eBook format received
Pink = received response, unable to send copy
Lost in Petra
Sunset: Pact Arcanum 1
Chrysalis: The Awakening
27 (title)
Lily Loves to Love
Nate Rocks the World
Rise of the Retics

Goddess Cottage

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