Monday, July 2, 2012

Shameless Stuff #7: Dress to Show Some Skin

Here's the thing - I'm a curvy kind of gal, so I generally don't make it much of a habit to show skin, other than arms and legs.

Lately, I've gotten more curvy... or perhaps more accurately, fatter. Now I've got a muffin top on top of my muffin top, a rear that could use a back up warning signal, and a chest that pops buttons off shirts. Only one of those is moderately ok with me!

Most of the weight gain came about from two larger events - 1) being diagnosed with an uncommon joint condition that makes stairs, traditional bicycling, and too much walking utterly painful, and 2) finding out that I could no longer eat gluten.

In the last two years, I've tried just about every diet I could to try to lose weight. This includes "tried and true" methods like Weight Watchers (which isn't very adaptable to a gluten free diet unless you basically want to go on a sugar overload all the time) and less known methods like The Joy Life Diet.  Added to the limited amount of physical activities that I could do to lose weight, they only succeeded in making me extremely exhausted and starving all the time.

Anyway, so I had just about given up, but then I stopped fitting into a whole lot of my favorite outfits. That, coupled with the fact that in January I will be going on a cruise and would like to attempt to wear a swimsuit for at least part of the cruise, has renewed my zeal for attempting weight loss!

I buckled down and bought a FitBit on the recommendation of my brother, and this morning I pulled out my workout clothes and headed to the gym on campus (perhaps the only perk of being a college student right now).

You're probably thinking, "but what does that have to do with showing some skin?"

Sadly, a lot.

My workout clothes are a bit ill-fitting with all the extra pounds I have put on... so they showed a lot more skin than I wanted to, mostly due to the fact that my shorts were being swallowed by my rear!

Long story short - I'd like to be able to go to the gym without flashing anyone, and by January I'd like to be able to wear a swimsuit with some tiny bit of pride! ;)

If any of my lovely readers have a FitBit, feel free to friend me here. Additionally, if any of you are involved with Earndit (a way to get rewards by tracking workouts via various methods, including FitBit), you can follow me here.

Here's hoping for success!

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