Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Booksy - Christmas in July

If you read my last post, you can probably guess where I came up with this weeks' Booksy theme! :) (and if you haven't read it, you should - click here).

So, if you don't want to book travel through me as part of my Christmas in July event, or if you do but still want to buy additional great gifts, check out these fun Etsy items:

- Get in the holiday spirit while writing your next great novel with this red and green journal!

- Fill your tummy with holiday treats year round with two Gooseberry Christmas cookbooks!

- Crank up the a/c, then cuddle under a Christmas Book quilt while reading your favorite book!

- Show your holiday spirit with this quote from the Grinch!

- These colorful stockings look like they could hold a couple of paperbacks!

- Use one of these felt Christmas lights as a bookmark, then share the rest with friends to spread some holiday cheer!

- Light up your room by putting a light into this Christmas catalog paper ball!

- Finally, revel in the clever word (and image) play on these fun holiday cards!

Happy un-holidays! :)


  1. I'm a journal fiend so I love that journal... and how cute are those stockings?!?! Every time I head towards my stocking and see a book poking out I just get SO excited!
    Jeez Louise now I can't wait until Christmas!