Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Booksy - Spring Picnic

Spring is in the air (and in my eyes and nose, since I have terrible spring allergies)! ;) Time to put together a comfy picnic and read a book out in the sun. Here are some picnic-friendly gifts for book lovers that will have them headed down the path to grandmother's house with a picnic basket:

- Prepare your picnic with this great tote bag and picnic blanket set. Or if it's a little too matchy-matchy for you, I love this comfy looking roll-up plaid picnic blanket.

- Next you can pack up a variety of yummy picnic foods in this pretty insulated picnic tote. If you want to plan a BBQ along with your picnic, check out this cool vintage Barbecue Book.

- Don't forget the wine with this picnic wine and glass holder!

- If you are bringing a little one with you, you can't pass up this adorkable Very Hungry Caterpillar peasant dress.

- Relax away the day with your eReader, which you can store in this delicious ice cream cone case.

- OR, you can do some impromptu bird watching after putting up this Picnic "Nerdhouse", and draw pictures of them in this unique grass journal.

- Make sure you snap some great pictures, then store them in this picnic-inspired photo album.

- Or if you like me, and you want to skip all of this and settle instead for reading near a window in the cool, air-conditioned and slightly less allergenic air of your home, you can always take breaks to gaze at this amazing picnic oil painting.

Whatever works for you! :) 

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