Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Booksy - Mother's Day

If you haven't figured it out by now (with all the myriads of commercials flooding television), Mother's day is this weekend! Hopefully you already have something lined up for the person who gave birth to you - but if not, Etsy to the rescue! :)

Here's some super great items that beat your standard flowers and breakfast in bed for the book-loving momma in your life:
- If you really want to do flowers/plants, try something different. This Vintage Book Planter is amazing, as is this Vintage French Book Cone with dried lavender and hydrangeas in it.

- Or for even less maintenance, check out these flowers made out of book pages - Origami Blossoms, Flower Brooch, Repurposed Book Paper Flower Planter, Hydrangea Pen Bouquet, or mini Mother's day bouquet box.

- Once you have flowers, you need somewhere fun to put them, and I recommend this beautiful Chic Trio of Vases in a Book Base.

- To go with your flowers, a card is needed. I love this unique Library Checkout themed Mother's Day card.

- Maybe you were thinking about jewelry for your mom. For a book lover, nothing is better than a book-themed necklace! Check out this beautiful Book Locket or this sweet Mini Book Necklace that contains a poem.

- Finally, if you are thinking of giving mom a day off and letting her relax with a good book all day, help her stay comfortable with this unique PropABook Pillow!

With all these options, there are no excuses that could get you out of buying the perfect book-themed gift! :)


  1. Oh my goodness,love all these choices. Amazing creativity. I'm thrilled that you wanted to include my book cone.


  2. Thank you for featuring my design! Lovely blog!! :)
    Jessica with Rooted in Succulents

  3. What a wonderful collection! I love your blog. Thanks so much for including me in the fun!